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Near the picturesque village of Aghios Matheos, Corfu and just 1 kilometre away from the well-known Beach of Chalikouna, 2 twin villas dominate the place.

Meliti Villa and Karetta Villa.

They are 2 newly built and luxurious villas that have all modern facilities. They are ideal for families, couples or groups of guests as they offer the possibility of many activities in their outdoor areas where there is a swimming pool, a barbecue, a garden, a children’s area.

Both villas are in one of the most ideal points on the island of Corfu (Kerkyra).

They are situated in a green landscape of exquisite beauty close to Lake Korission(the region is included in the Community Directive Natura 2000), overlooking the waters of the Ionian Sea. They are suitable for relaxation and repose, while giving direct access to excellent quality food and entertainment (they are just 25 kilometres from the city of Corfu-Kerkyra).

We wish you a Happy Vacation in Corfu!